Aminities & Facilities

Green Lake City is a gated community, private and secure but designed to offer a wonderful sense of freedom in surroundings of exceptional beauty. It’s the definition of a modern resort, complete with all the hallmarks of pampered living, safe and secure environment, Mosque, Utilities, Water Treatment Plant, Golf course, Maintenance Services, Bird Aviaries, Spa with the state-of-the-art facilities, Health Club, Restaurants and in addition 60% area of project is green for a healthy living experience.

Our ultimate goal is to build an understanding of the value and contribution of nature in cities to co-relate with lives of urban residents who have a focus on coming back to nature with a sense of preserving the environment with the vision of a eco-friendly city within their unique and diverse environments and cultures.The importance of daily contact with nature as an element of a meaningful urban life, as well as the ethical responsibility that cities have to conserve global nature as shared habitat for non-human life and people is the hall mark of our planning dynamics.